Back to Nature (Published on - May 22, 2008)
Wrapped in a Mother’s Arms
From underneath a collapsed kindergarten a small boy is found alive in the aftermath of a recent massive earthquake in China while another father weeps next to the body of his dead son. Sometimes nature’s cycles of chaos are indiscriminate and cruel.

Two young women draped in colorful saris, rest their tearful faces against one another at the funeral of a loved one killed in recent bombings in India.

One young boy throws a futile stone at a tank in Iraq.

 Families in Florida anxiously pack what belongings they can gather in a race against time and the wildfires breathing destruction at their backdoors, only to discover these fires have been purposely set by an arsonist. It is reported on the evening news when questioned: “I was bored.” Sometimes the chaos of humans is indiscriminate and cruel.

From peace to war, from shore to shore, from heart to heart, from reality to dreamed futures; we can redirect the waters; we can light up the darkest nights. We are all influenced by the same receding tides and continuing swirling winds. We are all a part of the same planet, this universe, this cycle, this DNA .. .nature at work.

We’d like to believe we are the masters against the winds on this swirling world fantastic, but we can’t control all chaos and all cruelty. Nature teaches us the only one thing we can master is ourselves.

This spinning globe we live upon sets us all in motion, waters swirl to the right or the left, rivers flow downhill. When our hearts are shrouded in winter someone’s heart is warmed by the summer sun. When our eyes refocus upon the darkness, another’s soul’s eyes glisten with light. It’s about cycles, your spring, my fall, your noon, my night, my birth, your flight.

As the black bear hibernates in winter, as the raven calls at dawn, as the mourning dove teaches her trembling babies that leap of personal faith, just one step, freedom flight, as much as we can depend on nature’s cycles we also must be willing to take those chances, to depend upon ourselves. We are the catalyst for change. With each individual decision, with each personal effort, with each helping hand offered, we gain the freedom and power to change the future.

We could save the wolves that run alone in the night. It’s possible. We could save the eagle’s amethyst, springboard for flight. It’s possible. We could leave a little earth unpaved for wildflowers and weeds. We could accept that sometimes Mother Nature needs to take her own course and we won’t understand why.

We can openly receive nature’s healing words in the form of a single flower or a starlit night, yet remain willing and amply brave to continue to defy nature’s gravity. We must stand strong and brave building stone islands in the midst of well worn streams while lighting up the nights with a thousand memory candles.

It’s possible that we can remove the stones from the hands of angels, to safely lay the child to be wrapped in his mother’s arms, and shelter the polar bear and her cub from the brink of disaster. Each one of us holds the power of destiny in each hand. We “can” change the world.

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